Real4 Production

Vishnu Studio




Key Features

• Easy to use.

• New crypto encryption to protect your games from Bruteforce attacks.

• Two way 100 unit encrypt passwords. • High compression rate.

• Custom image supports (jpg,bmp).

• Custom music loop playback while loading game supports (mp3/wav/and ogg).

• Renames folder and exe.

• Automatically places games in "Packaged Games" folder on the desktop.

• Automatic "Savefile" and "Gamesaves" folder creating to save your game saves.

• Pack FPSC games and None FPSC games and Game Guru(With save and load.).

• Basic real-time protection.

• Leaves very little footprint on your games. No watermarking or splash screens.

• Icon changer (change the icon of your packed game.) • New % Loading instead of progress bar

• Background image change.
• Background image change from server/internet.

• Drag and Drop Text. • Rename text • Change font of text and save font.

• Live News feed using xml .

• Improvement in performance and system compatibility

• Come's with fpsc setting app .


 Download :- Vishnu studio download